What We Do …
Our work is best described as "new venture development" rather than venture capital.  We participate in the building of our portfolio companies to the extent of conceiving of some ventures.  When necessary, we take and/or fill senior management and operating positions in our companies.  The scope of our work includes:

  • Recognizing and responding to opportunistic situations led by highly motivated, experienced operating and technology partners
  • Providing hands-on operating help and strategic insight
  • Licensing  in or acquiring enabling  technologies
  • Providing seed capital and participating in follow-on financings throughout the private lives of these ventures
  • Focusing capital and effort on a new opportunity each year

We look at …
Primarily, we look at life science-related opportunities and we prefer to look at very early-stage venture opportunities – often before there is a business plan.  Areas of particular interest are:

  • Agricultural Biotechnology and Animal Health
  • Healthcare-Related E-Commerce
  • Medical Devices
  • Molecular Biology and Genomics
  • Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine

We will give consideration to unique industrial products (but not computer software or hardware, or information technologies).  Finally, we will look at emerging “green” solutions to energy and environmental problems.