Auckland, NZ

MoleMap was formed in 1997 by a group of New Zealand dermatologists to provide a cost effective melanoma screening program using the latest imaging technology combined with the expertise of dermatologists.  The founders of MoleMap developed the company after observing that, despite continuing educational programs promoting sun protection, the number of deaths from melanoma each year was increasing.

MoleMap scans and archives images of suspect moles using high-resolution digital imaging, allowing dermatologists to compare moles over time and detect subtle changes that can suggest developing melanoma.  It combines the expertise of dermatologists with the power of digital scanning technology and computers.  MoleMap is generating revenue, through multiple centers operating in New Zealand and Australia; and has begun an aggressive expansion into the United States.  MoleMap is now screening tens of thousands of patients each year in Australia and New Zealand

TASCF invested in the Series A and B rounds.