George Murphy has extensive experience in the management of early-stage ventures and in technology transfer, both as a founder and manager of technology-driven companies and as a technology licensing professional.  As the founding general manager of EndoTherapeutics and EP Technologies, he established a successful track record in commercialization of innovative medical devices.  He has since helped start several biotechnology companies, including AviGenics, ProLinia, and Stem Cell Sciences Pty Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia), and other new ventures in the medical, environmental, and electronics industries.

Mr. Murphy co-founded AviGenics (the first and leading avian transgenesis company).  He is a director of EndoVx and has been a director of many other companies in the past, including AviGenics and CathRx (Sydney, Australia).  Currently, he is the general partner of both TASCF and TAAF.  He was the general partner of TransGen Partners which held significant equity in A/F Protein and AquaBounty Farms (transgenic fish).

Stanford University's Office of Technology Licensing retained Mr. Murphy as a Licensing Associate earlier in his career.  His earliest industry positions were with Helix Technology Corporation and Abcor, Inc. in marketing, sales, field service and process engineering.  Both Helix and Abcor were leaders in advanced separations process equipment.  At the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute, he assisted with the development of the world’s first industrial-scale application of ultrafiltration for recovery of soluble whey proteins.

Mr. Murphy has more than 30 years of technical and business experience.  He holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Stanford University.